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Both in times of active business growth and in times of turbulence, having a reliable accountant is a prime importance for any company.

Nevertheless, not every accountant or accounting service provider cares about the key financial indicators of your business - solvency and profitability, as a rule, however, they may not have the appropriate financial management competencies to perform the function of financial planning and control.

We understand how to organize your financial and tax functions effectively to ensure your right management decisions in time.
We provide the following services:
Accounting outsourcing and tax reporting

Outstaffing services for financial staff

Tax consulting and tax audit

Financial controlling and management reporting

Financial accounting methodology and accounting policies (local standards and IFRS)

Accounting restoration

Support during tax audits

Financial and tax Due Diligence

Accounting for individual entrepreneurs'
Anti-crisis financial management

Diagnostic and optimization of the existing financial function of the company

Organizing an effective financial function from scratch

Budgeting, forecasting, financial analysis and control

Current assets management, cash-flow optimizing

Business profitability management

Automation of the financial function

"Your digital CFO" – online reporting on the financial position of the company
Payroll and reporting

HR administration and document flow

Labor law consulting

HR and payroll audit, recommendations to correct defects

Support during inspections by regulatory bodies
Why Accounting HUB?
We are the only one on the market to include the management accounting function to the fixed outsourcing package, that provides an understanding of the company's financial position on-line thus effective business decisions
We offer financial management services, including cash, cost and profitability management that provides a proactive approach to manage business risks in times of economic crisis
We develop the most effective financial and tax accounting system for your company, having more than 17 years of experience in financial management, tax consulting as well as auditing in various business areas
We have the best industry practices, with years of experience in Big4 and TOP global consulting companies

Professional team of certified accountants and financial experts have tremendous practical experience in implementing methodological knowledge in more than 300 global foreign companies
We comprehensively evaluate your operational, financial, tax and legal risks, taking into account legislative changes and challenges while doing business in Ukraine. We know exactly how to protect your business
Multi-level quality control of the service delivery in the team guarantees high-quality services
Business processes organization and communication with management and founders are delivered on a high level. This allows them to focus on the main functions of business development

We help in optimizing personnel costs through functions specialization, routine processes standardization and innovative automation solutions
Quality of our services is confirmed by 100% satisfaction level of our clients
Build a successful
business with us!
Turn to us and solve a wide variety
of issues in a comprehensive manner.

We build an effective financial function that
guarantees successful management decisions.
When is it the time to turn to us?
There are times when you are not satisfied with the quality of accounting: lack of proactive planning and control, difficulty in communication, periodic errors, penalties, fines, financial losses
You would like to build an optimal accounting structure, a certain amount of staff, organized and efficient business processes, automated functions, high quality and efficiency of accounting
You would like to cut costs in bookkeeping and reporting
You have a small business and economically speaking it is not a rational decision to hire financial director onboard, however, your business suffers from not effectively organized financial management

Your accounting department does not care enough about the financial results of your business, does not control the cash-flow, solvency, profitability and other performance indicators
You would like to receive online data about your financial performance indicators, basing on which you will be able to make the right business decisions on time
You would like to receive and to analyze information about legislative changes impact on your business to respond promptly as well as to reduce tax and financial risks
The amount of work and workload of your accountants is massively increasing, thus you would like to outsource some of the accounting functions to an external provider

Payroll and other financial data confidentiality requirements are increasing – you would like to outsource certain competencies
Your accountant is planning to quit the company and you are in lack of time to perform the appropriate replacement
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